What Equipment Do You Need To Run Your Event Company?

You’ve probably already figured out that audio-visual equipment is necessary for your events. However, you may not be entirely clear on what equipment you’ll need. This article will look at a few of the most important pieces of equipment for your business. Here, we’ll look at each piece of equipment and what it can do for you. Once you’ve figured out the basics, you’ll be well to running your own event company in Dubai.

Pen and paper:

Running your event company on pen and paper is a very old-fashioned way to manage your business. Not only does it affect operational performance, but it also ruins your liability protection. You need to get off pen and paper and start using electronic documentation. The benefits of using this type of technology are many.

Cell phone:

If you’ve ever run an event company, you know how important a cell phone is. Not only do you need it to interact with customers, but it’s also crucial for making important decisions. You use your phone to discuss details with vendors, negotiate changes to orders, and cope with unexpected problems. You can even use it to stay in touch with your team when running errands and download helpful event planning apps.


You will need a laptop for several reasons when running an event company. You will need a high-resolution screen, plenty of storage, and a battery that lasts at least a few hours. Many event planners will spend much time working from coffee shops and sharing their Pinterest image boards with clients. In addition to checking your spreadsheets on the go, a laptop will also help you track who attended your events and how much money was raised. You can even check to see if your equipment is working properly.

Audio visual equipment:

Before you start your event company, you should consider the types of audio-visual equipment you need. A monitor is perfect for an intimate panel room, while a no-glare screen helps you present slides and other materials without lowering the lights. Video switchers are similar to soundboards and select one or more incoming video signals to direct to a single output. A video switcher is necessary when you need multiple visual streams to be presented simultaneously. Your AV team can control these devices for you, ensuring your audience sees the best content possible at the right time.

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