The Basic Treatments For Hair Removal

Hair removal options range from waxing to electrolysis. Threading, waxing, and electrolysis are just a few of the methods available. Here’s a quick breakdown of each. Getting rid of hair permanently is often the goal, but there are other, less drastic options. Bleaching is also an option. However, it should not be done on sensitive skin. Moreover, electrolysis is more costly than other methods. When you are looking for this kind of treatment, find the best laser hair removal clinic in Dubai for your procedure. 


One of the basic treatments for hair removal, threading is a good way to remove unwanted facial hair. Unlike other methods, threading removes hair individually and doesn’t rip your skin. Threading is a good option for people who suffer from sensitive skin and is dermatologist-recommended. It is also gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause any irritation or damage to the top layers of skin like waxing does.


There are many benefits to waxing, as compared to other forms of hair removal. For starters, it removes a large amount of hair in one session, resulting in smoother skin for two to eight weeks. Unlike other methods, waxing removes hair from the root rather than the surface, which results in rough stubble. Over time, however, this can lead to softer regrowth.

Before waxing, the area must have significant amounts of hair, around one-fourth to an inch long. This is because wax only adheres to hairs about 1/4 to eight inches long. Shorter hair may not be able to be pulled from the root. Afterward, the area will be cleansed and exfoliated with a gentle loofah or salicylic acid scrub.


While it’s the simplest method of hair removal, electrolysis is far from painless. Electrolysis involves inserting a needle into a hair follicle and passing an electrical current through it. The process is uncomfortable, but the sensation is only minor. Afterward, you can apply an ice pack or pain reliever. Further sessions can be done every week or every other week, as needed.


If you’d like to remove unwanted hair, bleaching is a great option. Bleach is widely available in the market, and it comes with pre and post-use creams. Apply the formula to the area you’d like to bleach, and leave it on for a few minutes before removing it with a cotton pad and cold water. The resulting hair color will be a new one!

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