Police Armor and the Equipment Needed

When it comes to protecting our lives and properties from unlawful action or intrusions, one of the best assets available to law enforcement officials is their arsenal of high-quality police armored trucks. These high-tech crime-fighting machines are typically referred to as “ATVs” (all-terrain vehicles) and are one of the most effective and affordable ways to combat unlawful action, protect your home, business, or place of worship and shield your police and other public safety personnel from attack. The following information will provide you with a better understanding of what’s available on the market and what’s most suitable for your needs.

Better protection:

When choosing between different models and types of police armored vehicles, you will need to consider not only how well the vehicle will run but what perks or benefits it offers its driver in terms of protection. Bulletproof vests are a very important part of this protection, and many of these vests are available in a wide range of configurations and colors to suit just about any preference. 

Bulletproof glass:

Some of the more advanced options include bulletproof glass, which can provide police officers with much better visibility while also reducing the chance of their vests being damaged by shattered glass from fired shots. The addition of bulletproof shields to these vehicles can significantly reduce the potential for fire and traumatic injuries. For instance, bullet-resistant glass that is installed on high-end police vehicles can reduce the risk of serious injuries to the driver and passengers in the event of a crash.

Bulletproof gel:

Bulletproof vests are only one aspect of a police armored truck’s armor, however. It is also important for the vehicle to be filled with enough bulletproof gel to provide the best level of protection. While many vehicles are specifically outfitted with this type of gel, others may not and these are the vehicles that are most commonly used. There are several different places that police officers can wear bulletproof vests to improve their chances of survival in the event of a shooting or ambush. 

In the end, there are several different benefits to investing in police armored trucks. These police vehicles are one of the most useful tools that law enforcement personnel have available, and as such, they are necessary to protect both the officers themselves and the public. Police departments throughout the country have been investing in their equipment for years, making the tanks and other police equipment that they carry one of the most modern and effective. 

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