Who can carry out your will?

Everybody knows what your money, property, and property should be after you die (all these things are called together your ‘state’). The statute determines how your estate is transferred – this may not be following your wishes if you do not leave any DIFC wills and probate.

A Will can facilitate everything about your family or friends until you die – the procedure will take longer and painful without a wish. If you do not write a will, everything you have is dispersed in a standard fashion, established by the statute – something you may not like. A testament could help reduce the amount of legacy tax that could be paid for the property’s value and money you leave.

Making an expat will Dubai is extremely necessary whether you have children or some other relatives who are financially dependent on you or if you want to leave anything beyond your immediate family.

Two very critical points are told by our will:

  1. When you die, who should have your money, belongings, and property?
  2. That will arrange your estate and follow your orders – this person is named your ‘executor’ and if you like, you can appoint other individuals.

You may still use your will to let others know about other desires, including funeral or cremation orders. Your executor will do his utmost to guarantee that your desires are fulfilled before they breach the rules. Your executors will not always be able to do your orders.

E.g., if you want a human to leave something to die, but if you have a will, things are more likely to happen the way you want.

You don’t have to use a lot of legal jargon on a special document.

A text is a true document as long as it remains:

  1. It says how after you die, your property can be exchanged.
  2. It was made when you could make your own choices and were not manipulated by whom you could let things go.

You are signed and dated in the presence of two male, separate witnesses and the two witnesses in the presence of you, who will not be witnesses who will bear anything from you or their husband/wife or civil spouse.

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